Eating Bananas for Energy

Athletes are known for using bananas to boost energy for a variety of high intensity workouts. In addition to being rich in nutrients like potassium, bananas are also high in energy boosting simple carbohydrates. In general, the fruit should be used when you need a short boost of energy, such as prior to working out or during a high intensity workout. It is common for weightlifters to consume a banana as part of their pre and post workout nutrition. For the average person, bananas can be a great snack to eat at work to control weight and cravings for sweet food.

Why do Bananas Increase Energy?

The answer to this question is simpleā€¦ simple carbohydrates to be exact. The easily digestible sugars in bananas can cause a quick spike in blood sugar which can cause a person to feel a quick boost of energy. This same principle is applied to energy drinks, which are packed with simple sugars. The benefit of eating a banana as opposed to energy drinks is that they are natural and rich in electrolytes that are lost during workouts. It is this reason that makes them popular with athletes who need a natural way to replenish nutrients that are lost during a high intensity workout. Other benefits of eating bananas include upset stomach relief, improved mood, and they can even improve sleep.

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