Dental Benefits of Green Tea

Cavity Prevention

Can green tea prevent cavities? The general consensus in the medical community is YES!. Green tea contains anti-microbial molecules known as catechins, which are responsible for dental benefits provided by green tea. Consuming sugar free green tea will help prevent the germs that cause tooth decay. Most importantly, this is an all natural way to improve dental health while simultaneously improving other areas of your health.

Keep Your Teeth Shiny and White

The anti-microbial properties listed above can also benefit your teeth by keeping their shiny white color. It is essential that you drink green tea in its plain brewed form without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners. This will keep unwanted bacteria in your mouth to a minimum, while limiting the ability of new bacteria to form. Maintaining this habit in your diet will lead to better overall dental health and keep the desired white color of your chompers.

Excellent Substitute for Sugary Drinks

Substituting green tea for soft drinks or sugary juices can have a multitude of benefits on your dental health. Sugar causes cavities and tooth decay, not to mention weight gain and heart disease, when consumed on a regular basis. Eliminating sugary drinks from your diet will prevent sugar particles from becoming lodged into the crevasses in your mouth, ultimately leading to better overall dental health. If you are susceptible to dental cavities, dentists highly recommend to trying to switch to green tea as a primary beverage.

Great Substitute for Coffee

Drinking black coffee on a regular basis has been shown to cause coloring of the teeth. Green tea, on the other hand, does not show this adverse property. In fact, it has been shown to increase the overall longevity of teeth in adults and retain that shiny white coloring.

We hope this article turned you on to some of the dental benefits of green tea.

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