Can Green Tea Benefit Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes?

Green Tea is widely known as one of the most nutritious and healthy drinks available to athletes. In fact, there has been a great deal of debate in the bodybuilding community about whether or not green tea provides benefits to a strength training program

A great pre-workout drink

Green tea has been shown to improve focus during strength training exercise. By providing a small amount of caffeine, this beverage can provide just enough of a boost to your mental state to improve focus and performance. An added benefit of green tea is that it does not contain all the artificial ingredients you can expect to find in the mainstream hyped-up supplements. These products are packed with mostly useless ingredients with little known about the long term effects on your body. Green tea, on the other hand, has been an important beverage for centuries and provides proven health and nutrition advantages to athletes.

Financial Benefits

My favorite benefit of green tea for bodybuilders is the simple fact that it saves you money. Each serving of homebrewed green tea should cost no more than 25 cents, even for the premium brands. This is a huge savings over the overpriced pre-workout supplements that find in nutrition stores, such as GNC.

Maintain overall health

Green tea is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-microbial elements that provides a range of benefits to your body. Studies have been conducted that support the claim that green tea improves dental health, prevents certain types of cancer, and can help with skin problems. A great deal of research regarding green tea is undergoing, but there is no question that it should be included as part of a healthy diet, which is especially true for high performance athletes.

The verdict

Green tea provides the greatest benefit to bodybuilders as a pre-workout drink that can help provide focus to your routine. As far as muscle growth is concerned, green tea provides no benefits based on the information we have available. However, the residual health and nutrition benefits should not be overlooked and they certainly support the overall health of your body. And best of all, it is an all natural solution that costs a fraction of the high priced supplements that flood the market.

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