The Benefits of a Degree in Environmental Science

Environmental science is a growing field for undergraduate students and job growth in this field is expected to grow in the next decade. There are many different doors a degree in this field can open. Not to mention, there are many rewarding activities that one can participate in that help protect planet Earth. The goal of this articles is to expose you the benefits that a college level degree in environmental science can have on your career.

Top Benefits of a Degree in Environmental Science

Government and Non-Profit Opportunities

There majority of job openings for people with a degree in environmental science will be found in federal, state, and local governments. There are also a significant number of jobs for non-profit organizations that are dedicated to green causes.

Higher than Average Job Growth

The job growth in areas related to environmental science is expected to grow in the future. When choosing to enroll in a degree program it is important to find a field with promising job prospects. Getting an education in a field with declining job opportunities can be a bad investment in your future.

Work in Emerging Technologies

Finding a solution to energy problems throughout the world is a project that will be a catalyst for future job growth. Emerging technologies require employees with a background in environmental science. Often times this degree can be the first step needed to get an entry level job with a solar, wind, or geothermal energy company.

A Stepping Stone to a Law Degree

It is becoming increasingly common for students to pursue a law degree after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Environmental science. This pathway is perfect for those who desire practicing law in fields related to environmental protection. The coursework found in this degree can be a great way to understand the science that is behind environmental laws.

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